Strategies To Improve Fodder Production

  • Use quality of high yieldingfodder crop
  • Follow recommended agronomical practices of cultivation
  • Sow legume as an intercrop or mixed crop with a non legume crop to enhance the nutritional value of fodder and improve soil fertility.
  • Plant perennial grasses like hybrid napier / guinea grass in about 15 to 20 per cent of the cultivated area to get green fodder round the year
  • Plant fodder trees like subabul and agathi on farm boundaries to get green fodder during the lean period.
  • Harvest fodder at the appropriate stage to get the maximum nutrients
  • Adopt modern practices for hay and silage making to ensure supply of fodder during scarcity and avoid wastage of surplus green fodder.
  • Use chaff-cutter to minimize wastage of fodder.